Project El Rosario, Guatemala

Number of beneficiaries: 350
Project dates: 10/01/2010 - 07/01/2011
Project Budget: US $35,000.00

Project objective: Construct a water distribution and storage system for, with and by the community of El Rosario, Guatemala. Professionals and associates from the Wisconsin Water Association’s Wisconsin Water For the World (WWW) Committee, along with masons and representatives of Agua Para La Salud (APLS), working side-by-side with people of the village will build a water system that will include an electrically powered pump, two ferrocement storage tanks, a transmission main and distribution piping. A team of volunteers will teach health and hygiene education classes to the children of the community, and a WWW team will coordinate satellite education classes between on-site and US school classrooms. Other project partners include the Florida Water Association who will provide funding and project oversight. APLS has performed the site assessment over the course of the past year. Site assessments included a topographical survey, interviews with community residents, examination of living conditions and hygiene practices, evaluation of quantity and quality of water source and determination of the community’s capability to financially and operationally maintain an electrical pumping system. All assessment data is being transmitted to WWW project team leaders for examination and independent evaluation. Project partners will work with the community to purchase permanent rights to the water source, develop a working water committee that would oversee system maintenance, and coordinate an equitable billing system so that pumping costs could be shared fairly among all residents benefiting from its construction.
Community or neighborhood served: This project initially was brought to the attention of Wisconsin Water for the World (WWW) through Agua Para La Salud (APLS). Indigenous tradesmen working with APLS reside near the Mayan community and were familiar with the need for a reliable sanitary water supply there. Through a continuing relationship with APLS, WWW selected El Rosario as its 2010 implementation project. The Community of El Rosario is a widespread village of approximately 350 people composed of multiple population sectors scattered across the mountainside. Most sectors are supplied with water, but the water supply has been unreliable, and residents report that in recent times, they have had to climb down
treacherous canyon paths to collect and transport water to their homes, spending as much as five hours a day on the effort.